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FSB Offered Products as of 6/1/22


  • 600 minimum score for Manual Underwriting
  • One score accepted 
  • GUS Approve/Eligible & Manual Underwriting allowed
  • Escrow Holdback available for repairs (follow USDA guidelines)
  • Refinance USDA to USDA
  • Manufactured & Modular Home allowed*
  • Access to GUS available for Brokers & Correspondents 


  • 600 minimum score for Manual Underwriting
  • DTI options up to 50% on manual underwriting*
  • Streamlines accepted
  • Manufactured, Modular* & Multi Unit up to 4 plex 
  • Max DI 55% with Approve/Eligible 
  • Escrow Holdback available up to $5,000*
  • Grants & DPA allowed
  • Follow FHA guidelines
  • DU accepted
  • High Balance Loans available

Flanagan State Bank is a VA, FHA, & USDA approved lending institution and is not acting on behalf of the VA, HUD/FHA, or the Federal Government. 

*see matrix for more details


  • 600 minimum score for Manual Underwriting
  • IRRRL's available
  • Max DTI 50% with Approve/Eligible
  • Escrow Holdback available*
  • VA Approval with Flanagan State Bank required
  • DU accepted
  • Follow VA guidelines
  • Manufactured & Modular Home allowed*
  • High Balance Loans available


  • 97% LTV Options-FHMA & FHLMC​
  • 620 minimum score
  • Subordinate financing allowed
  • Follow agency guidelines
  • 1-4 Unit (O/O & N/O/O)
  • Cash-out
  • Escrow Waiver allowed on 80% or less LTV
  • Monthly PMI, Single Financed MI & Split Premium MI
  • Manufactured* & Modular Homes
  • Mortgage Insurance Companies: Arch, MGIC, & Genworth
  • High Balance Conventional now available! Not shown on rate sheets or online pricing. Please contact [email protected] for pricing. 

FSB Fees

Underwriting/Commitment Fee for Brokered Loans: $914**

Correspondent Loans: $300

Correspondent Loan-Closing Docs: $75

Correspondent Loan-Initial Doc Prep: $100

Texas Legal Review: $125

Correspondent Non MERS Fee: $50

**Brokered loans may use the buy out options for the UW fee found on the rate sheets