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Welcome To Mtg Support Resources

Why Do We Have a Mortgage Support Team?

Mortgage Supports (a/k/a Underwriting Help Desk) was created to be more than the standard help desk.  The members of this team are trained in underwriting theory and processes, guidelines, origination, processing and marketing concepts.  They are cross trained to help our TPO Loan Officers get the best answers to their questions quickly!

Email or call us for answers

[email protected]   or    815-676-0990

Mortgagebot Link

Important Docs 

Submitting A File & Disclosures

How to get the file submitted and disclosed through our system!

FSB is working hard to make the submitting of your file easy and quick.   Use the documents in this section to help you submit a file to us for Initial Disclosures and underwriting. If there is a specific form FSB is requesting, email [email protected] for the form.

Important Docs

Redisclosures & ICD

Ready for the ICD or just need to redisclose for a change that was made?

When requesting a re-disclosure of the LE, please upload the COC with all pertinent information and final the file. This will notify our Operations team that a new LE is needed.

To request the ICD, the following tasks must be complete:

  • All compliance conditions must be met
  • Lock must be valid for 10 days from the date the file was resubmitted

When requesting the ICD, please upload the Early Closing Disclosure Request Form. so our Operations team knows a CTC is expected! Refer to the Early Closing Disclosure Instructions if you have any questions or email [email protected]

Important Docs

Prequalifications, Income Analysis & Scenario Questions

Mortgage Support will review ANY  income situation to help determine the income that will be used for Qualifying or Annual income if USDA. Please send us the income documentation that best pertains to the borrower's situation:

  • Wage Earner-please provide two consecutive paystubs, W2s, and if possible, a VOE.
  • Self-Employed-please provide all pages of the personal federal tax returns for the most recent 2 years. If a Sch E shows K-1 income/loss, we will need the K-1's & business returns for the most recent 2 years.

Mortgage Support will also review ANY potential loan file and/or scenario. Send an email with the Prequal Review Cover Sheet, complete 1003, credit report, & AUS findings.  If you feel any additional information is needed, please send that as well. We will review all the information provided and return to you a written prequal to assist you with discussions you have with your borrower.

Processing Tools:

Mortgagee Clause                    FHA ID: 2760600034

Flanagan State Bank           Lender ID: 7095710000


333 Chicago Road               Mortgagebot Link

PO Box 302

Paw Paw, IL 61353

Product Matrix's:

Regular:                                                                 Cheat Sheets:

Conventional Matrix                                                USDA Refi         

USDA Matrix                                                       FHA Refi

FHA Matrix                                                          VA Refi

VA Matrix                                                            Manufactured Home

97% Matrix

Important Docs

Appraisal Ordering Service:

With an approved roster of 3 - 5 local appraisers, you can order your appraisals through our Appraisal Department instead of an AMC Service. We do not charge any additional fees for this service to be used. The appraisers are happy because they get to retain their full fee for the service. To use our Appraisal Department, simply email a completed Appraisal Roster Request to [email protected]. Once approved, you will receive a notification that you can start ordering appraisals through our department. For complete details regarding our service, please click here: Appraisal Ordering Policy & Agreement

USDA Required Documents

New Construction Documents

All Products

New Construction Document Checklist

10 Year Builder Warranty-this can be bought by the builder or split between the builder/borrower

Certificate of Occupancy-from local authority 

Building Permit

If a building permit & Certificate of occupancy are not available, a letter on letterhead from the County/City is needed to confirm this