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All published Announcements will be uploaded to this page

Questions on the information should be directed to [email protected]

FSB Published Memo's

Check here often to stay up to date on our most recent changes & announcements.

Important Memos

5/03/2022-Credit Score Reduction to Government Loans

4/04/2022-Important Memo-TPO Updated Process

2/7/2022 - Important Announcement: Conventional COVID Self-Employment Requirements

9/10/2021-Important Announcement: DU Credit Score Changes-FNMA

9/1/2021 - Important Announcement: FHA Overlay Improvements

7/23/2021- Important Announcement: Manufactured Homes & Government Loans

6/21/2021- Important Announcement: FHA Student Loans & Reference FHA Mortgagee Letter 2021

3/16/2021- Important Announcement: Changes to Second Home & Investment Property Loan Level Price Adjustments

2/25/2021- Important Announcement: Mortgagebot & URLA Updates

2/16/2021 - Important Announcement: DACA Updates, URLA transition

2/5/2021 - Important Announcement: FHA Overlays

1/13/2021- Important Announcement: Self-Employment Updated Forms

12/10/2020- Important Announcement: Self-Employment & COVID, Freddie Mac COVID-19 Bulletin, Fannie Mae COVID Guidelines

11/05/2020- Important Announcement: Lock Desk- Veteran's Day, Locked Loans & COC, VA Update- New Minimum Score Requirement

9/23/2020 - Important Announcement: Adverse Market Refinance Adjustment, USDA Conditional Commitments - Fiscal Year End

8/31/2020 - Important Announcement: Recent FEMA Declared Disaster Areas

8/27/2020 - Important Announcement:Solar Panels, Rental Housing Payments, Documentation of Liabilities, FHA Updates for Self-Employment & Rental Income, FHFA Refi Pricing Updates

8/13/2020 - Important Announcement: FNMA & FHLMC Refinance Adverse Market LLPA

7/7/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA 620-659 Overlays Reminder, USDA 620-659 Overlays, VA Loans - Score Update

6/18/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA 620-659 Overlays Reminder, Independence Day Holiday, Lock Days, Scenario Email, and COVID 19 Important Information

5/11/2020 - Important Announcement: Lock Extensions-Furloughed Borrowers, Memorial Day Holiday

4/28/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA 620-659 Overlays Revised

4/27/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA 620-659 Overlays

4/20/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA - Updates to Minimum Scores

4/13/2020 - Important Announcement: Rates & Rate Sheets-Broker Clients only & Retail Invitation

4/6/2020 - Important Announcement: Credit Score Changes - FHA, USDA & VA

4/1/2020 - Important Announcement: VA Appraisals, Conventional updates, Tax transcripts, ManHomes(USDA, FHA, VA)

3/31/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA Appraisal, Verbal VOE

3/26/2020 - Important Memo: UPDATE to Original Memo Re: No Score Government Loan & 600-619 Government Loan

3/26/2020 - Important Memo: No Score Government Loan Update & 600-619 Government Loan Update

3/23/2020 - Important Memo: FNMA & FHLMC Updates - Appraisal Requirements

3/18/2020 - Important Memo: Manufactured Home Financing, Pictures of Documents, Imageflow, Findings, Continuation of Business

FSB Policies