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All published Announcements will be uploaded to this page

Questions on the information should be directed to [email protected]

FSB Published Memo's

Check here often to stay up to date on our most recent changes & announcements.

Important Memos

9/10/2021-Important Announcement: DU Credit Score Changes-FNMA

9/1/2021 - Important Announcement: FHA Overlay Improvements

7/23/2021- Important Announcement: Manufactured Homes & Government Loans

6/21/2021- Important Announcement: FHA Student Loans & Reference FHA Mortgagee Letter 2021

3/16/2021- Important Announcement: Changes to Second Home & Investment Property Loan Level Price Adjustments

2/25/2021- Important Announcement: Mortgagebot & URLA Updates

2/16/2021 - Important Announcement: DACA Updates, URLA transition

2/5/2021 - Important Announcement: FHA Overlays

1/13/2021- Important Announcement: Self-Employment Updated Forms

12/10/2020- Important Announcement: Self-Employment & COVID, Freddie Mac COVID-19 Bulletin, Fannie Mae COVID Guidelines

11/05/2020- Important Announcement: Lock Desk- Veteran's Day, Locked Loans & COC, VA Update- New Minimum Score Requirement

9/23/2020 - Important Announcement: Adverse Market Refinance Adjustment, USDA Conditional Commitments - Fiscal Year End

8/31/2020 - Important Announcement: Recent FEMA Declared Disaster Areas

8/27/2020 - Important Announcement:Solar Panels, Rental Housing Payments, Documentation of Liabilities, FHA Updates for Self-Employment & Rental Income, FHFA Refi Pricing Updates

8/13/2020 - Important Announcement: FNMA & FHLMC Refinance Adverse Market LLPA

7/7/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA 620-659 Overlays Reminder, USDA 620-659 Overlays, VA Loans - Score Update

6/18/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA 620-659 Overlays Reminder, Independence Day Holiday, Lock Days, Scenario Email, and COVID 19 Important Information

5/11/2020 - Important Announcement: Lock Extensions-Furloughed Borrowers, Memorial Day Holiday

4/28/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA 620-659 Overlays Revised

4/27/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA 620-659 Overlays

4/20/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA - Updates to Minimum Scores

4/13/2020 - Important Announcement: Rates & Rate Sheets-Broker Clients only & Retail Invitation

4/6/2020 - Important Announcement: Credit Score Changes - FHA, USDA & VA

4/1/2020 - Important Annoucement: VA Appraisals, Conventional updates, Tax transcripts, ManHomes(USDA, FHA, VA)

3/31/2020 - Important Announcement: FHA & USDA Appraisal, Verbal VOE

3/26/2020 - Important Memo: UPDATE to Original Memo Re: No Score Government Loan & 600-619 Government Loan

3/26/2020 - Important Memo: No Score Government Loan Update & 600-619 Government Loan Update

3/23/2020 - Important Memo: FNMA & FHLMC Updates - Appraisal Requirements

3/18/2020 - Important Memo: Manufactured Home Financing, Pictures of Documents, Imageflow, Findings, Continuation of Business

12/12/2019 Important Memo: VA Funding Fee Update, USDA Tech Fee Update, Loan Limits Update for 2020

12/3/2019 Important Announcement: Disclosure Changes, Mortgage Support Team Assignments, Holiday Schedule

10/10/2019 Important Memo: Columbus Day, FHA Cash Out 85% Deadlines

9/23/2019 Important Memo: USDA Student Loan Updates, Underwriting Turn-Times, FHA Identity of Interest Update

8/30/2019 Important Memo: VA IRRRL & Cash Out Updates, FHA Cash Out Reminder, Labor Day

7/1/2019 Important Memo: Tax Transcript Update & Tax Transcript Ordering Process

6/20/2019 Important Memo: Disaster Area Announcement & USDA Income Update

6/13/2019 Important Memo: FEMA Disaster Declarations - AR, NE, OK, SD

5/7/2019 Important Memo: MFH & No Score

4/3/2019 Important Memo: Disaster Area Announcement

3/7/2019 Important Memo: Updated Early CD Process, Updated Closing Request Process & 2018 SAM Worksheets

1/11/2019 Important Memo: Early CD Process Updates

1/4/2019 Important Memo: Government Shutdown

12/12/2018 Important Memo: Conventional Matrix Update-No Score Borrowers, USDA Manufactured Home Pilot Program, USDA Matrix Updates, 97% Matrix Updates, Holiday Schedule, Escrow Repair Holdback - updates on weather related repairs, Prequalification Updates - No Score Borrowers

9/25/2018 Important Memo: Early CD Process Update, Initial Submissions

6/29/2018 Important Memo: Initial/Early CD Process, DACA Update, 4th of July Holiday

5/21/2018 Important Memo: Memorial Day, Month End

5/2/2018 Important Memo: Underwriter Changes; Turn Times; Scenarios, Income Review & Questions

3/19/2018 Important Memo: USDA Tax Transcripts update & Correspondent Fee Addition

1/15/2018 Important Memo:Gov Loan Refi Seasoning, Well Water Testing, Tax Transcript Requirements, USDA Procedure Updates, Initial Closing Disclosure, Universal Loan Identifier, VA Appraisal Process, MI & Conventional Loans

1/5/2018 Important Memo: MLK Day, Escrow Repair Holdback Agreement, No Score Borrower Refi, Manufactured Home AUS, Uploaded Docs, POA, Flood Insurance and Escrow Waiver, Property in Flood Zone for USDA financing, Changes after CTC

12/8/2017 Important Memo: Christmas & New Year's Day Holidays

11/15/2017 Important Memo: Thanksgiving Holiday, PMI Disclosures

10/3/2017 Important Memo: Columbus Day, FEMA Disaster Area Update & E-Sign Services

9/25/17 Important Memo: New Conventional Matrix

6/29/17 Important Memo: 4th of July Holiday, New Phone Number for Fundings, PTF Conditions

4/24/17 Important Memo: Updated Electronic Signature Form

4/18/17 Important Memo: 2016 Tax Transcripts, MBot Password Resets/Login, USDA Loans and HOI, USDA 3555-21, Va Termite Inspection

3/1/17 Important Memo: Correspondent and Wholesale Accounts, VA Student Loan Guidance Update

2/13/17 Important Memo: President's Day, E-Sign, VA Rates, Tax Transcripts, Recertifications

1/9/17 Important Memo: FHA MI Update, E-Sign Documents Now Available, Holiday Notification (MLK Jr. Day)

1/4/17 Important Memo: Condition Numbering, E-Sign Documents, 1003 Address Entry, New Cutoff Times for CD Ordering (4pm)

12/13/16 Important Memo: Condition Numbering, Welcome Pete Bullock CSR, Holiday Schedule, Cutoff Time for CD ordering, UW Notes

10/7/16 Important Memo: Columbus Day, USDA Loans, Turn Times, Notes from Underwriting

9/14/16 Important Memo: IRS Technical Difficulties and Rent Free letters of explanation

9/8/2016 Important Memo: CD info, USDA fee Reminder & New Email Address

8/23/2016 Important Memo: Current turn times, New CD Form Request, USDA Fee Update, 600-619 program introduction

7/19/2016 Important Memo: Updated USDA Guidelines

6/16/2016 Important Memo: July 4th, USDA GUS Access, uploading conditions

USDA Set Up Instructions

Uploading Conditions (The Easy Way!)

05/24/16 Important Memo: Memorial Day, Net Tangible Worksheet, Tax Transcript Update, Current turn times, New Resubmission Process

04/29/16 Important Memo: 620 Conventional, Conditions, Turn times, USDA Tax Transcripts Requirements

04/11/16 Important Memo: 2015 Tax Transcripts, General Ordering of Transcripts, New FHA ID, Underwriting Notes, Vendor Screen

03/31/16 Important Memo: New Process for Ordering 4506T

Ordering Setup for transcripts

4506T Instructions

08/25/15 Important Memo: USDA fee change, FHA Case # Request Form, FHA Guideline Update, Closing Turn Time

07/31/15 Important Memo: Staff Changes & End of Month

FSB Policies