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with ANY questions you may have!

Required Documents Needed For ALL Loans

Tools for Review - Submission - Closing

Early Disclosure Docs

Your Home Tool Kit Acknowledgement

Acknowledgment of HUD Counseling

Electronic Disclosure Agreement

Anti-Steering Disclosure-no longer in our disclosure package, but still a required form if Brokered/Lender Paid loan

Borrower Authorization & Certification- UPDATED

Broker Compensation Acknowledgment-required on all brokered loans

Disclosure Notice

E-Sign Disclosure

Rate Lock Fee Agreement

Service Provider Form

Undisclosed Debt-no longer in our disclosure package, but still a required form

SSA-89 2021-UPDATED 12/28/2021

Intent to Proceed

Lead Based Paint Disclosure-for dwellings built prior to 1978

For State Disclosures, please email 

[email protected]

Required Documents for FHA

Required Documents for VA

Required Documents for USDA

New Construction Documents (FHA, VA, & USDA)

New Construction Documentation Checklist-All Products


Builders Certificate (form 92541)

Warranty of Completion of Construction (HUD Form 92544-A/VA Form 26-1859)

Builder Cabo and Lead Water Cert

VA Not Inspected Acknowledgement for New Construction Form

Termite Protection (form NPMA-99a)

Termite Protection (form NPMA-99b)

VA Builder ID-How to Obtain


Plan Certification-USDA Form RD 1924-25

All Products

10 year builder warranty (can be bought by builder or split between builder/borrower)

Certificate of Occupancy - from local authority

Building Permit

If a building permit & Certificate of Occupancy are not available in the county/local area, a letter on letterhead from the 

County/City is needed to confirm this

FSB Appraisal Forms

FSB Condo Forms

Miscellaneous Docs

Income Analysis

Income Reviews-Income Calculation Request Form 

Mortgage Support will review ANY income situation to help determine the income that will be used for Qualifying or Annual income if USDA. Please send us the income documentation as it pertains to the borrower's situation.

Self Employed Borrowers (file Sch C, Sch E, or Sch F)-provide all pages of personal tax returns for the most recent 2 years. If a Sch E shows K-1 income/loss, provide the K-1's and business returns for the most recent 2 years.

Wage Earner Borrowers-each situation is different but we do like to have paystubs, W-2's and an idea of the situation, please. It is very helpful to get a VOE, if available.

Early/Initial Disclosures

FSB will only accept our disclosures for Wholesale loans!

If you are needing Initial Disclosures prepared, we will do this!

To request your initial disclosures, please follow the instructions below and use the Initial Docs order form:

Vendor Request Form-NEW!

Quick Links


Product Matrix's

FSB Conventional Matrix

USDA Matrix

USDA Refi Fact Sheet

FHA Matrix

VA Matrix

VA Refinance Cheat Sheet

FHA Refi Cheat Sheet

97% Matrix

FSB Manufactured Homes Cheat Sheet

Mortgagee Clause:

Flanagan State Bank


333 Chicago Road

PO Box 302

Paw Paw, IL 61353

FHA ID: 2760600034

VA ID: 7095710000

Mortgage "Cliff Notes":

Welcome to our "Cliff Notes". We have recently updated this section to fit the busy LO and Processor time constraints. Every subject is a one page document (except for a couple) that will give you the minimum information you need to complete a specific task.  

Income Documentation Forms

2022 Forms:

SAM Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet-This form is to be used to calculate self employment income from tax returns. Please enable Macros for the form to work properly!

Liquidity Worksheet-This form is used to assess liquidity for Partnerships & S-Corps. Please enable Macros for the form to work properly!

FSB Income Calculation Worksheet-to be used for W-2'd wage earners. Has sections for Base Income, Overtime, Bonus, Commission and other income. Spreadsheet is programmed to calculate income averages.

Rental Income Worksheet-used to calculate Rental Income listed on a Schedule E or newly rented property that has not had a return filed on it, yet. Please enable Macros for the form to work properly!

VA Loan Limit Calculator