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HOI, Flood, & Title

Freddie Mac Private Flood Insurance

Title Commitment Requirements

HOI & Flood Requirements


Determining the Review Type for Conventional Condo Loans

Documentation Needed for Condo Approval

Mortgagebot & Support

How to use Mortgagebot for PMI Quote

How to Change a Borrowers Name

How & When to use the Mortgage Support Team

Printing the Initial Disclosure Package

How to Upload Conditions (The Easy Way)

Understanding the Loan Status

How to view the Conditional Approval

LE & Initial Disclosure Instructions

Important Email Addresses


How to Start a Loan & Disclose

How to Price out a Loan without Locking

How to Gross Up Fixed Income

How to Complete the Anti-Steering Form

How to Document Gift Funds

How to Order Tax Transcripts with FSB

How to Upload & Register a Loan

How to Submit a Loan to Underwriting

How to Run AUS-DU/LP

How to Resubmit a Loan

How to Request Login or Reset a Log In

How to Submit a COC (Change of Circumstance)

How to Lock your Loan

How to Read a Rate Sheet

How to Pay for the Appraisal Up Front


Divorce & Mortgages

Funding Tips for Fast Closings

FSB Guide to FHA Disclosures

Letters of Explanation-General Guidance

Credit LOX Instructions

POA Requirements

Compliance Alerts

Escrow Repair Holdback Instructions